Collect and manage contact form data with MakeContact, the customizable data collection app!

Simplify collecting and processing contact information with makeContact for Android OS! makeContact eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual entry of contact info collected from event guests. Save your collected contact data to Google docs, Dropbox and more. Data exports as a .csv file which can be opened in your preferred spreadsheet app.

makeContact is user-configurable for styling: adjust background, text, button and form field colors so it’s consistent with your branding, or suited to the environment where it is being displayed. Choose from options for user-facing welcome page text or create your own. And more customization options are planned for future releases.

makeContact is a simple solution for trade show exhibitors, open house hosts, anyone needing a digital guestbook or a way to record visitor/guest/customer contact information.

  • • Save time by eliminating manual entry of contact information so it can be accessed immediately
  • • Accuracy of form information is improved compared to transcribing written forms
  • • Save money by eliminating costs of ordering printed forms
  • • Users love it too!

makeContact is in the late stages of development. It’s fully functional and useable, but lacking specific features that we intend to include in version 1.0. Want to get a head start with the pre-release version? Get in touch with us via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Customize MakeContact with the message and colors that work best for you!

Customize makeContact for any specific use! Attract and guide users with your own custom text, and style with your company’s colors to reinforce your own branding, or style the app to catch the eye of in-store customers or event attendees with the app’s color customization feature.

Customizing makeContact is easy! Use the simulated tablet screen below to find your ideal color set, then apply the colors in the app’s admin panel.

Start by clicking any of the colored buttons to open a color selector.

Click on any color in the color selector to apply that color to the screen element indicated by the colored button’s label. You can also highlight any color code and change it to change that element’s color.

The color selector has a light/dark slider on the right. For best battery life, we recommend choosing a background color that has the light/dark slider in the bottom third of the range.

When you have found the colors you want to use, copy the color codes displayed below (starting with #) and pasting those values into the setup form on your app setup page.

This is
Sample Text

Color is currently

Color is currently

Color is currently

Color is currently

Color is currently

Color is currently
Customize the Greeting
Enter your text here. 3 lines maximum for demo purposes.
Entering <br> will create a line break.

Need to start over? Reloading this page will return the screen demo to its original configuration.